Hybrid and Electric Vehicles at Cogswell Motors in Russellville AR

How We Stock Hybrid Vehicles at Cogswell Motors:

Although owners who have purchased Hybrid vehicles from us have been very satisfied, we have found that most of our customers wouldn't be making up in fuel economy the premium price they would pay for a Hybrid. Therefore, we don't stock many hybrid vehicles. However, we can - and do - special order them for our customers.

For example, if you compare a 2012 Escape Hybrid, with an average of 38.5 mpg (41 city/36 highway), and a 2012 Escape 4-cylinder with an average of 24.5 mpg (21 city/28 highway), it would take up to 15 years of gas savings to make up for the price difference in an Escape Hybrid.*

Hybrids can be a good choice for certain types of customers and certain types of drivers, but overall, we've found that our customers save money by choosing the fuel-efficient gasoline alternative.

*The starting price of an Escape Hybrid is $30,570, compared with the starting price of an Escape XLS at $21,440.  This is a $9,130 difference.  Comparing the average miles per gallon each with the average miles driven per year (12,000), the Hybrid would save an average of $623 per year at a $3.50 per gallon price.  Thus, at $623 per year savings, it would take 14.65 years to make up for the $9,130 difference in starting price.

Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles

How they're distinct
Like hybrids, plug-in hybrids have a gasoline engine, an electric motor, and a regenerative braking system, but also feature a larger lithium-ion battery pack.  Plug-in hybrids are unique from hybrids in that they add an external charge port, meaning they can be plugged into an electric outlet to fully charge the large lithium-ion battery pack. Compared to current hybrids, plug-in vehicles will operate at higher speeds and for longer periods than battery-only power, further helping to decrease fuel consumption.

The two plug-in hybrid vehicles Ford is making are the 2013 Fusion Energi and the 2013 C-Max Energi. To the best of our knowledge, neither vehicle will be allocated to dealers in our area at this time. Instead, they will be available in selected metropolitan areas.

All-Electric Vehicles

How they're distinct

While similar to hybrids and plug-in hybrids in that they have an electric motor, high-voltage battery pack and use regenerative braking, all-electric vehicles runs purely on electricity, which means zero CO2 emissions. And no gasoline is required. Ever.  And like plug-in hybrids, all-electric vehicles can be plugged into an electric outlet to charge the battery pack.

How they work
All-electric vehicles rely solely on electric power from their high-voltage battery pack, which is charged by plugging into a 240V outlet or standard 120V wall outlet (although charge time is longer on the latter). Regenerative braking also helps charge the battery pack.

Ford is only releasing their all-electric vehicles (the 2012 Focus Electric and the 2012 Transit Connect Electric) in specified metropolitan areas.  No Arkansas dealer is included in this list.

Hybrid Vehicles
  Escape Hybrid

Fusion Hybrid

Lincoln MKZ Hybrid

How they're distinct
Hybrids are gasoline-powered vehicles that use an electric motor and high-voltage battery pack to improve fuel economy over conventional vehicles. The gas engine is the primary source of power and the electric power is supplemental.

How they work
They use available electric power during acceleration to drive the wheels at low speeds, but seamlessly switch to gasoline engine power at certain speeds (usually above 45 mph). The gas engine and regenerative braking system actually charge the high-voltage battery pack, so there's no need to plug in; they drive and feel pretty much like other cars.

How they save
Depending on driving conditions and habits, hybrids can deliver a significant improvement in mpg when compared to the gasoline-only version.

How they fit your lifestyle
Hybrids are an ideal choice for people who do a lot of city driving, drive at low speeds, or have short daily commutes.  It is under these conditions that the car benefits from supplemental electric power. If you take a longer trip, the electric power will kick in when it can to help extend fuel efficiency.

How to know if it's worth it
Hybrid vehicles command a premium price, so in considering a hybrid vehicle, it is wise to compare this premium with the potential fuel savings.  Often times it would take years in fuel savings to make up for the price difference between a hybrid and its gasoline-equivalent. Use this calculator  to assist in your calculations.

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