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Get Your Instant Cash or Trade-In Offer in Russellville, AR

After driving a car for years and years, the time will come when you're ready to move into a newer model. There is more than one possibility for what happens to your old car. You can privately sell it yourself, which takes time and creative advertising, or you can get a cash or trade-in offer that can help you afford a new Ford Fiesta.

At Cogswell Motors, serving Dardanelle, we recommend the latter option. Not because we don't believe you couldn't sell your car yourself, but because we want to alleviate the potential stress that the process would create. By trading in your vehicle or having us sell it for cash, you won't have to haggle with penny-pinching buyers or continue maintaining your car's condition while you wait for the right buyer to show up.

If you do decide to trade in your model, you want to make sure you're getting an accurate offer. More than one aspect can affect the outcome of your vehicle's value. From its manufactured year to condition to features, the result depends on a variety of vehicle components. To ensure our Morrilton drivers get the best offer possible our Arkansas car dealership now offers the KBB Instant Cash Offer tool.

How the Kelley Blue Book Instant Cash Offer Tool Works

This online tool cranks out an instant cash offer based on vehicle information. Clarksville customers can redeem the cash offer at Cogswell Motors. These offers are figured based on Kelley Blue Book® values. Along with an instant cash offer comes a trade-in value range.

Instant Cash Offer vs. Trade-In Value Range

  • An instant cash offer is a fixed amount extended to you that can go toward your next vehicle or into your wallet when the dealer sells your car.
  • This offer is unique to your current car's features and conditions, and only remains valid for three days, so you need to act quickly.
  • A trade-in range is an estimated value used solely toward buying another vehicle.
  • Instead of expiring in three days, this figure is updated on a weekly basis and isn't unique to your car.
  • This value is calculated based on the general year, make, model, body style, mileage, amenities, condition and vehicle options that define your car.

Two Ways to Use the Offer Tool Successfully

There are two different ways to approach using the Instant Cash Offer tool. The first is searching your vehicle's license plate and registered state. If you don't know your license plate off the top of your head, the second method only requires your vehicle's year, make, model, style, color, and mileage.

After this first step, the next several will instruct you to continue providing in-depth information about your current vehicle options like entertainment, transmission, comfort, safety, etc. and a detailed vehicle history report. These steps are crucial so that the tool can provide the most accurate offer possible for you to redeem at Cogswell Motors.


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Make a Confident Decision with Your Instant Cash Offer

Once you receive your offer online in Conway, you need to bring your vehicle to us, so we can verify the condition and features you listed in the tool. After that, it'll be your decision whether you want to use your offer to trade in your old vehicle to help you afford a newer model or allow us to sell your vehicle for cash. The choice is entirely yours. Find out your current model's value and redeem your offer in Russellville today!